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Famke van den Berg
Host IN Hospitality
Famke van den Berg, our Host in Hospitality at Blendin, specializes in Borrel & Bites.
Etienne van Ommen
Hotel manager
Etienne van Ommen, our hotel manager at Blendin, brings a wealth of experience and passion to his role.
Host IN Borrel & Bites
Dean, our Host IN Borrel & Bites at Blendin, is a lively and enthusiastic 18-year-old from Haarlem.
Laura van Vessem
Host IN Breakfast, Borrel & Bite
Laura, our Host IN Breakfast, Borrel & Bite at Blendin, brings her vibrant energy and extensive local knowledge to every guest interaction.
Host IN Hospitality
Laura, our host in hospitality at Blendin, brings warmth and enthusiasm to every guest interaction.
Alexandra van Voorthuysen
Host IN Hospitality
Alexandra, our host in hospitality at Blendin, is a cheerful and spontaneous mother of two adolescents.
Host IN Breakfast
Manda, our host in Breakfast at Blendin, hails from Croatia and has made the Netherlands her home for over a decade.
Irene Jobse
Host IN Hospitality
Irene Jobse, our Host in Hospitality at Blendin, is an avid traveller passionate about exploring new places.
Nick Postma
Manager IN Hospitality
Nick Postma, our Manager in Hospitality at Blendin, epitomises the adventurous spirit we celebrate.
Barbara Petri
Host IN Night Hospitality
Barbara, our dedicated night hospitality colleague at Blendin, brings a unique and adventurous spirit to our team.
Jaap Mol
Explorer IN Creativity
Meet Jaap, our Creative Mastermind and music producer extraordinaire. Jaap's talents extend far beyond his work in leisure; he's also a skilled musician, writer, filmmaker, and photographer. Jaap's talents and creativity are a valuable asset to our team, and we're thrilled to have him on board.
Bob Kremer
Explorer IN France
Meet Bob, our Leisure Developer and lover of French culture. Bob has been in the leisure industry since studying Hotel Management, and he's worked in everything from hotels to holiday parks. Bob is committed to creating resorts that are different from the status quo, where personal touches and attention to detail make all the difference.
Guido van der Vliet
Explorer IN Finance
Meet Guido, our Financial Controller and consulting expert.
Angelica Contze
Explorer IN Online marketing
Meet Angelica Contze, our vibrant marketing specialist and content creator extraordinaire. Angelica has a deep love for holidays, fashion, and staying up-to-date with the latest trends.
Rianne van der Vliet
Explorer IN Finance
Meet Rianne, our Chief Finance Officer and financial wizard. Rianne's career began at Deloitte in 2006, where she studied accountancy.
Peter van der Vaart
Explorer IN development
Meet Peter, our Resort Manager and camping enthusiast. Peter has been in the leisure industry since 1992 and has managed campsites, bungalow parks, and restaurants.
Joren Exler
Explorer IN Austria
Meet Joren, our Executive in Austria and creative mastermind. He left the financial world behind to pursue his passion for creating.
Wouter van Wetering
Explorer IN Legal & Finance
Meet Wouter, our Finance, co-founder and Operations and construction guru.
Frank Wilschut
Explorer IN LeisureEntrepreneurship
Frank's unwavering dedication extends beyond the business realm – he indulges his need for speed on the racing circuit and finds joy in horse riding.
Juliette van Haaster
Explorer IN Marketing & Strategy
Meet Juliette, our CEO and multilingual mastermind. She stumbled upon the leisure industry while renting out holiday homes during her travels.
Lisette van der Vaart
Explorer IN Impact
Lisette is deeply curious and passionate about making a positive impact on the environment, which makes her the perfect fit for our team
Debby Riekwel
Explorer IN Fire starter & HR
Meet Debby, our interim CEO and hospitality powerhouse. With extensive experience in HR, operations, general management, and project management within the leisure and hospitality industries,
Roemer Overdiep
Explorer IN Branding & Concept
Meet Roemer, our Creative Director and visionary extraordinaire.
Jeroen Postma
Explorer IN Leisure
Meet Jeroen, founder and Hospitality and Development expert and adventure enthusiast.