Luxury Hotel by the Sea

June 17, 2024

Looking for a luxury boutique hotel on the coast of Bloemendaal? Pack your bags and discover Blendin Bloemendaal. A place of tranquility and refinement, where every moment is an experience in itself. The hotel features 49 rooms, all equipped with Auping beds, walk-in showers, and numerous amenities to ensure an unforgettable stay. Additionally, the entire hotel immerses you in the world of the Dutch botanist Jac. P. Thijsse. He played a key role in establishing the country's first national parks. Moreover, his extensive collection of written works and educational efforts have left an lasting impact, inspiring successive generations to cherish and protect the environment. The entire hotel is inspired by his work, which is reflected in the interior and decor.

Luxury Stay

At Blendin Bloemendaal, everything revolves around offering you an unforgettable stay. Our hotel is designed with luxury, comfort, and discovery at the forefront. This is evident not only in our rooms but also in other aspects. Our luxurious breakfast buffet is made with local products and complemented by à la carte dishes from our chef. This gives you the opportunity to experience the local Bloemendaal flavors while supporting local businesses. Not a morning person and prefer to skip breakfast in favor of a drink? Then our seaside terrace is the perfect location to relax and enjoy a cocktail or two. Our bartenders are ready to think along with you and create delicious cocktails that match your taste and preferences.

Brand New Hotel with Luxury Rooms

What is more relaxing than waking up by the sea, with the gentle sound of waves in the background and the morning sun slowly shining through the curtains? We believe this is the best way to fully unwind, and luckily, you don't have to look any further, because this is exactly what Blendin Bloemendaal has to offer. Our rooms all boast stunning views over the dunes or the North Sea. You will also find various amenities that make your stay a luxurious experience. All our rooms are equipped with sustainable bathrobes, toiletries, and a walk-in shower and/or bath that give you a wonderful spa feeling. Additionally, every room has a Nespresso machine and a SMART TV, so you can relax at any time of the day with a cup of coffee and your favourite shows and movies.

Hotel Amenities

In addition to all the amenities found in the hotel, we will soon open a new section: our Executive Hub. In our Executive Hub, we take relaxation a step further. Here you will find three suites, unwind and let go of stress in our sauna, and enjoy the upcoming warm weather with a refreshing dip in our infinity pool. The theme of Jac. P. Thijsse is also present in all the amenities. From the bedding to the wallpaper in the rooms, you are immersed in his world. We also offer an excellent meeting room for productive gatherings for our business travelers.

Stay at the Hotel

Choose a stay at Blendin Bloemendaal and immerse yourself in the surroundings, inspired by the timeless work of Jac. P. Thijsse. Whether you choose our Superior Seaside Suite with sea views or our Deluxe Dune room with dune views, a unique stay awaits you. Curious about more tips, stories, and experiences from us? Discover the rest of our blogs and get inspired for your next unforgettable stay. Click here to continue reading and follow your journey to tranquility and discovery.

Angelica Contze
Explorer IN Online marketing