Best beach clubs in Bloemendaal: our tips

May 31, 2023

Located on the beautiful coast of the Netherlands, Bloemendaal aan Zee offers a slice of beach paradise for residents and tourists alike. With beautiful sandy beaches, the refreshing sea breeze, and lively beach clubs, Bloemendaal is an oasis of relaxation and fun. Join us as we explore the 5 best beach clubs in Bloemendaal aan Zee, each offering its unique atmosphere.

Number 1 – Woodstock 69

If you're searching for a laid-back, bohemian vibe with a touch of nostalgia, Woodstock 69 is the place to be. Inspired by the legendary Woodstock festival, this beach club captures the free-spirited essence of the '60s. Relax on their comfortable loungers or bean bags, sip on delicious cocktails, and indulge in their mouthwatering food options. The live music events and eclectic atmosphere make Woodstock 69 a must-visit spot for those seeking a unique beach experience.

Number 2 – Republiek Bloemendaal

For a great blend of beachside luxury and natural beauty, head to Republiek Bloemendaal. This stylish and upscale beach club perfectly blends elegance and relaxation. Lounge on the sunbeds and sip on exotic cocktails while admiring the stunning ocean views. Looking for a beach club with a touch of class? Republiek Bloemendaal is the one for you.

Number 3 – San Blas

San Blas – a delightful beach club with a lovely south-facing terrace. The owners took inspiration from Panama, where they lived for several years, and it shows in the beach club’s vibrant décor and boho-chic atmosphere. Don’t miss their fantastic menu, with delicious dishes and exotic cocktails that will tantalize your taste buds. And the best thing is – San Blas is open all year round.

Number 4 – beachclub Fuel

For a beach club that combines a trendy vibe with beautiful sunsets, Beachclub Fuel is the place to be. Relax on the sun-drenched terrace, sip a glass of champagne, and taste the delicious dishes. Beach club Fuel also organizes exciting events and beach parties that will give you an unforgettable experience.  

Number 5 - Ubuntu Beach

With its commitment to sustainability and eco-friendly practices, Ubuntu Beach stands out as a beach club that emphasizes both relaxation and environmental awareness. The menu features a selection of organic and locally sourced dishes. Additionally, the bar serves a range of refreshing drinks, including creative cocktails and mocktails made with organic ingredients. Sounds like the perfect place to be.

A beach club for every type of explorer

Bloemendaal aan Zee is a coastal paradise that boasts several beach clubs, each with its appeal. Whether you are looking for a beach club where you can enjoy the sunset in luxury or dance late into the night, these 5 beach clubs offer a range of choices to suit your preferences. Which one will you visit? 

Angelica Contze
Explorer IN Online marketing